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Sunday, December 01, 2002

Earlier this week The Madness Trading Ring received an e-mail from Jenny Kleeman, a researcher for Channel Four Television.

On Wednesday 4th December non other than the legendary Suggs will be a guest on the evening chat show `So Graham Norton`. Jenny is looking for fans who would like to help out with the show.

If you're interested, you could help out in any of several ways:

- If you could ask Suggs one question, what would it be?

- If you have any original photos you have taken of either Suggs or Madness as a whole, if they like it it will get on the show.

- If you have any unusual Madness or Suggs memorabelia which may surprise him if it were to be featured on the show.

Jenny assures us all that any memorabelia provided on the show will NOT be damaged as a result of Graham's antics. Apparently he will only break items that he has been told he can break, so do not panic!

If you can help out on any of the above, please contact Jenny at:

A big thank you to Steve @ the MTR for pointing us in the direction of the above info.


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